We're half way through 2021 and Covid-19 is still heavily impacting the live music scene with snap lockdowns and venues operating at greatly reduced capacity, while some have succumbed to the drawn out and extensive loss of income and closed their doors for good.

It will continue to be a slow recovery as there is still the need for caution while we navigate a post pandemic world and explore how we do what we do differently. I look forward to seeing you all at a gig sometime soon whatever that form may take.

Most importantly you can still support your favourite artists by buying their music and merchandise online. Keep a watch for online concerts and music events.

Let us all be kind, be patient and take care of each other.


Goddess Grooves

Wesley Anne, 250 High Street, Northcote

Goddess Grooves - a round robin style performance from Michelle Chandler, Michelle Parsons, Ruth Katerelos, Monique Kenny + guests from 3pm to 6pm. More info to come. Subject to Covid Restrictions.

Extremely talented, Melbourne based artist Michelle Chandler, blends Acoustic Folk, Jazz and Blues with perfect vocals to create a solid, original sound. Don’t miss this act!”

— Portland Music Festival